Monday, October 19, 2009

Bicycling Love

By Laura Saad

On this crisp, fall afternoon, a father rode his bicycle to our center to pick up a birthday package for his daughter. He told me that his car was out of gas, and he did not want to miss the opportunity to bring his daughter joy on her 12th birthday. The distance did not bother him, as he cheerfully noted what a beautiful, sunny day it was for October. In fact, the father was full of love and dedication to his family. He showed me a picture of his daughter, and said how proud he was of her excellent grades at school. As I handed him the birthday box, he thanked me with a wide smile and said that he was sure his daughter would have a very memorable celebration.

As an intern, I feel blessed to witness such a genuine act of love. Truly, H.S.P. is touching the lives of many in our communities.

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