Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How To Help: Entertainment Books!

By Karleen Hubbard

For those who would like to help HSP succeed in our mission to provide for the local needy, I will be posting "How to Help" updates periodically to let you know what needs are most prevalent for the organization and how you can act as a volunteer or donor to help us meet those needs.

Currently, we are on the lookout for sponsors. Specifically, we need donors to sponsor a needy senior citizen. Through monetary donations, seniors will receive monthly deliveries of fresh produce, meats, non-perishables, and personal care items.

One creative way to donate is through Entertainment coupon books. Fresh off the press, the 2010 coupon books are stocked at our offices in Carol Stream waiting to provide you with pages upon pages of savings. Coupons include discounts of up to 50% on restaurants, take out, attractions, shopping, travel, and more. Save on pizza, plane tickets, skydiving, and everything in between!

Call us at 630-221-8340 to request a West/South Entertainment Book for $20. If you can't make it to HSP (465 Randy Rd. in Carol Stream), mail order is available for an additional $3.

Thanks in advance for helping us meet our current biggest need! Enjoy your books!

Karleen & The HSP staff

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