Monday, July 27, 2015

Become a Secret Pal Today!

“I really appreciate your kind heart and thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity”. “You are the definition of Christmas”. These are two Thank You card notes from seniors to their Secret Pals. Our seniors are so thankful for everything that their Secret Pals do for them. Secret Pals are a part of HSP’s Senior Citizen Project (SCP). The Secret Pal program is open to all 132 seniors in SCP. Currently there are 13 seniors still in need of a Secret Pal. A Secret Pal provides small gifts, such as blankets, puzzles, books, or personal care items, for seniors on a monthly basis, and will either drop these gifts off or mail to our facility in Carol Stream. The seniors receive their gifts on the monthly delivery days, along with their groceries. We want to say thank you to all the Secret Pals for everything they do for their seniors. If you are interested in becoming a Secret Pal, please contact us at 630-221-8340 or by email at

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